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DTM Lite

DTM Lite

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The Dor Traffic Miner (DTM) is a battery-powered device designed to count people as they pass through any doorway. This compact and hardware can be placed in any doorway, providing a simple yet powerful solution for gathering foot traffic data. As you deploy the DTM, it collects valuable information and enables you to earn commissions.

The DTM's core is its integration into the Dor metagraph, a network powered by Constellation's cutting-edge Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP). This technology imbues the DTM with exceptional flexibility, allowing you to harness our hardware to collect meaningful data. The data gathered is valuable for analytics and monetizable through DOR tokens and USD.

Our vision is to transform every user of the DTM into a 'Datapreneur,' empowering individuals to launch their own IoT analytics ventures. We believe that with DTM, the complexities of data analytics become accessible and profitable for everyone.

For more information on the product and system, please review our Documentation PortalHere, you'll find detailed guides, technical specifications, and insights on maximizing your journey as a Datapreneur using the Dor Traffic Miner.

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