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Foundation DTM (Preorder: Shipping Q3 2023)

Foundation DTM (Preorder: Shipping Q3 2023)

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Pre-order: These devices are expected to ship in Q3 2023

The Dor Traffic Miner is a battery-operated, people-counting hardware device you can place in any doorway, anywhere. While it collects foot traffic data, you earn crypto rewards.

Upon purchase of this device you will receive a DTM Foundation NFT which can be used to redeem your physical device and prove ownership for rewards. Only 5000 of these NFTs will ever be minted.

Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information. Payments must be submitted on the Ethereum network, in the form of USDC.

Important notes:

  • NFTs are minted every week on Friday at 1PM PST.
  • Once you receive your NFT, follow these instructions to redeem your hardware.  When you  register your NFT on our Lattice Node Management platform, you'll qualify for daily baseline rewards even before the device is shipped.

Shipping costs and local import taxes for your country/region are included in the price of the device.

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